Irma Bravo is a US-born, Venezuelan designer. Her innovative work is a marriage of architecture and fashion, and of natural and digital inspiration.

Growing up on an oil campus in Western Venezuela, with seas to be discovered and skies to be explored, she gained a thirst for travel and a deep love and understanding for humanity from a very early age.

Being equally drawn to the creative freedom of aesthetics and the technical fundamentals of design, she pursued studies in both architecture and fashion design. As a leading student in her Parsons graduating class, she landed a coveted job at Elie Tahari becoming Senior Fashion Graphic Designer, directing and managing the design of all textiles, labels and packaging for the brand.

Ever since, her designs have been incorporated into the collections and projects of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Club Monaco and The Rockwell Group, among others. Also, she has provided consulting services for the likes of Jason Wu and Gulietta. Versatile and prolific, Bravo’s best-selling designs also encompass home furnishings presented in her ongoing line for Sacco Carpet, a high-end New York based carpet showroom whose clients include The Carlyle Hotel, Mandarin Oriental and Le Cirque.

In 2008, Bravo felt an urge to return to Venezuela and work towards her childhood dream of building and promoting artisans workshops. Since then, she has been empowering local artisans while keeping alive traditional craftsmanship techniques, generating employment and alleviating poverty. Her resulting accessories brand, Project JungleCHICk, has since expanded to Costa Rica, becoming one of the leading trademarks of ethically and locally sourced high fashion accessories in Latin America.

Always eager to support a good cause, Irma is also active among female leaders in her hometown of Caracas and is a spokesperson for the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

Bravo’s creations effectively showcase her culture and ingenuity, blending the local Latin American zest with modern top-notch aesthetics. Her visually arresting designs for clothing, accessories, and home furnishings have been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Italian Vogue and ELLE.